Are you quilting for a sewing project or just ready to dip your toe into the world of quilting? Designing a quilt can be intimidating! But, that’s where we come in with our guide of easy sewing projects. Grab your sewing equipment and let’s help you to design beautiful quilts with our handy tips and tricks.

6 Tips for Designing a Quilt:

Quick Cutting: 

Quick-cutting and piecing strips are recommended for making many sewing projects. Templates are completely eliminated; instead, a rotary cutter, plastic ruler and mat are used to cut fabric pieces.

Choose An Easy Pattern: 

Use an easy pattern as an opportunity to highlight a minimalist aesthetic. Busy patterns might look overwhelming.

Prewash Your Fabric: 

By washing the fabric ahead of time, you’re minimizing your risk of smudging the colours when you wash the finished product. Follow the washing instructions for the material you’ve chosen. Unique materials such as satin or silk might require different washing techniques.


Wear-and-tear is inevitable for quilts. Backstitches are simple, and they ensure that your stitching can survive the rigours of daily handling. 

Buy Extra Fabric: 

This is ideal for when you make a mistake with your measurement and you cut something too small. This will save you time and costs on going out and getting more fabric or using fabric that does not match your original fabric.

Use A New Needle: 

Needles need to be sharp throughout sewing. So, remember to purchase plenty before you start your sewing project. You need to change out your needle frequently, especially after each project. 

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