Sewing Projects for the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

When a baby is born, it is always nice to give a gift that is both practical and from the heart. Both these criteria can be achieved with a sewing project. Here are few easy sewing project ideas that you can make and give as a baby shower gift:


  1. A Baby Bib
    Babies make a mess when they eat, so they are often given a bib to protect their clothes from food splatter. A baby bib is the ideal baby shower present as its relatively simple design is perfect for an affordable sewing machine. Plus, the bib can be personalised in any way you desire.


  1. A Baby Quilt
    A quilt is always a good idea to give as a baby shower gift as it has a dual purpose. It provides warmth like any blanket should, and it acts a comforter, giving the baby a sense of security and familiarity. Like the bib, the quilt is a simple, yet highly personalised sewing project one can undertake.


  1. Handmade Baby Toys
    Despite being fragile creatures, babies are also very easily bored. As such, you need to somehow keep them entertained without putting them in any danger. A baby toy created from fabric is the perfect solution and does just that – entertain the little one. Its soft, plush nature ensures the baby cannot hurt itself. And, as long as you make it too big for the bay to swallow and ensure that everything is firmly secured, it shouldn’t be a choking hazard either.


  1. A Pacifier Clip
    Babies have a tendency of spitting out their pacifiers. If the baby is not under supervision, this pacifier will most definitely end up on the floor, in an undesirable place or lost. A pacifier clip ensures that the baby’s pacifier is always attached to him or her. The bonus is that the pacifier can be given to the little one to suck on in a matter of seconds.




Baby showers are joyful occasions, and Empisal is all about family. Baby shower gifts make for some of the easiest sewing projects, and we have everything you need under one roof. For over 30 years Empisal has been providing sewing equipment to Sub-Saharan Africa. From sewing machines to overlockers, we have the right tool for your sewing project. For more information, contact us today.