Sewing Room Essentials for your Sewing Business

The old adage about using “the right tool for the job” also applies to your sewing business. Just as you planned your sewing machine purchase, now it is time to invest in the right sewing room essentials.

Essential Sewing Room Furniture

An ergonomically designed chair is essential when you are putting in long hours of sewing. Look for one that has adequate lumbar support and can be adjusted to the right height.

Nice to have is a sewing table with a recess for your sewing machine provides a level horizontal for you to glide your fabric through with ease. Otherwise, a dedicated table ensures that you get straight to work after clocking in.

If you have ever cut fabric on the floor, you will know the value of a cutting table. Your knees and back will thank you.

You may feel like Cinderella with all the ironing that needs to be done for a well-crafted item. A quality steam iron and ironing board makes the world of difference – no wobbling or repetitive back and forths. Ideally your ironing board is permanently set up (no excuses), but a tabletop version works if space is limited. The “unnecessary but useful sleeve board” speaks for itself.

Bright lighting saves your eyes while increasing your accuracy when working on fine details.

Essential Sewing Room Hardware

Don’t scrimp on investing in premium fabric scissors make the world of difference. Do whatever it takes to keep them for fabric cutting only – use death threats to the family if necessary!

A rotary cutter and cutting mat are lovely, but non-essential, additions to your sewing equipment. (Tip: smaller is better here.)

Quilt binding clips are a lazy sewist’s solution to pinning, and a must-have for leather, vinyl, and quilts. Fine quality needles and pins prevent pulled threads as you work. Some sewists like to store pins in a magnetic dish while others like the sharpening emery inside specialist pin cushions. Choose Schmetz sewing machine needles for quality and consistency.

Only buy the bobbins made for your machine – and buy lots of them!

An acrylic ruler makes squaring fabric and precise cutting a breeze.

Ultimately, you need sewing equipment, affordable sewing machines, and overlockers to run a profitable sewing business. Look no further than Empisal – contact us now for more details.