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How to Organise Your Sewing Space

sewing space

A tranquil, well-organised sewing space is sure to be conducive to more enjoyable and successful sewing machine projects. As such, here are five helpful tips for organising your sewing machine and equipment space like a real professional.  Organise Your Patterns  Begin by placing all of your patterns, whether they are printed patterns in PDF format […]

Starting a Sewing Club for Children in 2020!


If you have a passion for sewing with some free time on your hands, consider starting a children’s sewing club this year aimed at the age groups who would love to learn to sew. There’s nothing more rewarding than teaching others these fun and hands-on skills in a relaxed and creative environment.  Where Do I […]

Need a Beginner Sewing Project? These Are the Best Sewing Books to Buy!


 When taking on a sewing project as a beginner, you might run into a few snags along the way. With these great resources, you can easily find solutions to your problems and get inspired with ideas for your next sewing project at the same time. Our List of Books to Get You Started on Any […]

Sew Your Own Christmas Decorations!

sewing christmas decorations

A growing number of businesses are cutting down on paper and plastic. So, in the spirit of going green this festive season, why not use fabric for your Christmas decorations? Sewing your own decorations is not only cost-effective, but also more environmentally-friendly. There are a number of easy sewing projects to choose from allowing the […]

How to replace a broken zipper on pants

Do you have a great pair of jeans or pants that are a perfect fit but with broken zipper? We feel your pain! Don’t worry – you don’t have to abandon your favorite pants! We have a good sewing machine project to revive your pants by replacing the zipper. Grab your sewing machine and take […]

Learning To Sew? 10 Sewing Terms Every Beginner Should Know

sewing accessories

Sewing is one the most useful and fulfilling skills that one can learn. The ability to create garments and toys is both practical for everyday use and ideal for personalised gifts. It is actually very simple to learn to sew, but there are always things one can do to improve your pieces and make your […]

5 Must-Have Sewing Accessories to Buy This Christmas!

sewing accessories

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying gifts for a savvy sewer who is very dear to your heart, there are a few sewing accessories that you simply cannot do without regardless of what your next sewing project may be. The good news is that these must-have sewing accessories make excellent Christmas gifts, too! 1.Seam Ripper  […]

What is Appliqué?


So, you are keen to take on the challenge of new and exciting sewing projects. Want to try something different? If so, you have probably been investigating appliqué and how it works. We have the information you have been looking for below, along with some helpful tips for mastering the technique. So, What Is It?  […]

Your Guide to The Different Types of Quilts

There is a great list of quilt types that combines both traditional and modern types of quilts. These may be of importance to you if you are new to quilting or curious about this exciting hobby. Empisal has a guide to the different types of quilts that can be used with any affordable sewing machine. […]

What is the best sewing machine for beginners?

Purchasing a first sewing machine is an exciting step for beginners when starting their new hobby or venturing into a creative new world. As a beginner, you are likely to want a sewing machine that is the most basic and easy to use like the Empisal Expression 889 Sewing Machine or Empisal Creations. Here at […]