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Sewing project: Easy beach cover-up

Summer is in full swing, and that means long, hot days relaxing at the beach or around the pool with friends, family or just a good book! A swimsuit cover-up is a great accessory for this season, not only does it add fashionable flair, it also protects you from the sun and gives you something […]

Sewing projects: Tips for sewing fitted, quality leggings

Sewing Projects

Leggings are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, no matter your age or body type! Wear them around the house or out on the town whatever the season – and the best thing is that you can get creative with colours and patterns. Here are some tips on how to sew leggings from Empisal, makers […]

Get the right sewing machine when you want to learn to sew

Learn to sew

Sewing is a great skill that lets you explore your creativity and make anything from quilts to high fashion clothes, but choosing your first sewing machine can be quite daunting. At Empisal, we recommend the EMPISAL EES 50 SEWING MACHINE for its quality and value for money – and here are some of our best […]

Everything you need to know about sewing machine needles

sewing machines

Whether you’re using your grandmother’s vintage sewing machine or a brand new sewing machine like the  EES 50 SEWING MACHINE, the most important thing you need to know is where to get the best quality needles and how to keep them in great shape. Here’s some info from Empisal, the leaders in affordable, high quality […]

Finding an affordable sewing machine – Second-hand vs. brand new

Affordable sewing machine

A sewing machine like the EMPISAL EES 50 is a great investment that allows you to create your own clothing, home décor, gifts and much more in an affordable and creative way. When buying a sewing machine, you not only have a wide range of choice between brands, but also between new and used machines. […]

Where to find the best fabrics in South Africa for your sewing machine

Finding the perfect fabric is pivotal to the success of any sewing project, but finding a great store with the range you need can be challenging. Here’s advice from Empisal, manufacturers of the affordable EES50 on some of the best fabric stores in South Africa: The Fabric Warehouse: Located in Centurion, this fabric company specialises […]

5 quick and easy Christmas sewing projects

The festive season is on the horizon, so if you’re planning on making your own Christmas gifts for friends and family, now’s the time to look for fun, simple sewing projects! Here are some great gift ideas from Empisal, manufacturers of the affordable EES10: Christmas stockings: Individual Christmas stockings are useful as well as great […]