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Get to Know Your Sewing Machine’s Stitches

sewing machine stitches

People who are new to the art of sewing probably will not be aware of the fact that there is an abundance of different types of stitches to choose from. Each stitch can transform the entire aesthetic of the garment that you are working on. Because of this, it is important to get to know […]

Sewing projects: Tips for sewing fitted, quality leggings

Sewing Projects

Leggings are a wonderful addition to any wardrobe, no matter your age or body type! Wear them around the house or out on the town whatever the season – and the best thing is that you can get creative with colours and patterns. Here are some tips on how to sew leggings from Empisal, makers […]

4 quick sewing machine projects for your home

Here are four quick sewing machine projects for your home: Pillowcase skirts The quick and easy pillowcase skirt is ideal for back to school and party skirts for girls. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to make. Since pillowcases already have a hem, the skirt only needs two seams. Pillowcases […]