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Thread 101: How To Choose The Right Thread For Sewing

Thread 101_ How To Choose The Right Thread For Sewing

The most seasoned sewist will tell you that correctly choosing thread is a contributor to the success of your sewing project and can be a challenge for a beginner. Not all threads are created equal; there are higher quality threads that can make all the difference. Learn about different types of thread here. How to […]

A Beginners Guide to Sewing With Silk

A Beginners Guide to Sewing With Silk

The luxurious appeal of silk lies in its softness and sheen – the characteristics that make sewing with silk strike fear in the hearts of many sewists. Step 1 – Fabric Preparation It is always a good habit to pre-wash your fabric before embarking on a sewing project. (Our sincere condolences to you if you […]

10 Sewing Tips To Help You Learn To Sew

10 Sewing Tips To Help You Learn To Sew

There are a heartening number of sewing schools advertising on social media. Start by familiarising yourself with these sewing tips before signing up for lessons. 1. A Beginners Sewing Tool Kit Other than a sewing machine, your initial sewing toolkit should include thread, regular needles and machine needles, high-quality pins, dedicated fabric scissors, and a […]

Empisal Sewing Machine: Beginners’ Guide To Setting Up

Empisal Sewing Machine Beginners' Guide To Setting Up

Setting up your Empisal sewing machine correctly is quite important for a beginner as it helps you adjust the basic settings in order to perform well. Overview Of The Machine There are many useful tutorials available online and the best retailers of sewing machines will be able to guide you through and acquaint you with […]

What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners?

Empisal Sewing Machines Recommended for Beginners

Empisal sewing machines are highly recommended for beginners: the simplicity of design allows you to focus on learning how to sew. 10 Reasons To Buy An Empisal Sewing Machine Here are ten simple reasons why to choose Empisal: 1. Simple Design Each sewing machine has its differences, but most contain the same basic components. Understanding […]

Sew Christmas Gifts For Friends And Family

Sew Christmas Gifts For Friends And Family

Why sew Christmas gifts? When you want to show your loved ones how special they are to you, nothing beats a handmade Christmas gift. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make impressive and heartfelt Christmas gifts and decorations using your Empisal sewing machine this holiday season, read on. Gifts To Sew On […]

The Best And Quickest Way To Keep Your Sewing Machine Clean

The Best And Quickest Way To Keep Your Sewing Machine Clean

Whether you use an overlocker or traditional sewing machine, taking care of your equipment and keeping it clean as recommended is the key to many years of good service. Obviously the service intervals will vary depending on how frequently you sew. But there are indicators that your machine is less than happy and in need […]

Stitch Non-sweet Easter Treats

Easter sewing projects

If you celebrate Easter, it is on 4 April this year. In other words, there is still time for some non-sweet Easter sewing projects. Trying to limit the number of sugary treats you give your children (or yourself), does not prevent you from having a hippity-hoppity Easter. All you need is a little imagination and […]

How to Choose the Right Sewing Machine Needle

sewing machine needle

Hands up if you have been roaring through a project only to have your sewing machine needle snap? Oh, the fury! The frustration! And, admit it, often the guilt. Guilt that you sewed over a pin or ignored that the needle was blunt. Perhaps you were not using the correct sewing machine needle for the […]

The Best Heavy-Duty Household Sewing Machines for Upholstery

sewing machine

When working with upholstery, your most valuable piece of equipment will be your heavy-duty sewing machine. If you plan to become a professional upholsterer, you may need to invest in an industrial-strength machine. Having said that, you can get a lot done with a heavy-duty residential sewing machine, as long as you choose wisely, and […]