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Explore Your Sewing Heritage

Sewing Heritage

Knowledge fosters confidence when sewing different fabrics. This will come in handy if your next sewing project is creating a spectacular Heritage Day outfit. Cultures of South Africa With eleven official languages and eight other recognised languages, South Africa’s culture is one of the most diverse in the world. The vibrancy of our “Rainbow Nation” […]

Southpaw Sewing

Southpaw Sewing

Southpaw Sewing If you are right-handed, you have probably never considered the difficulties of left-handed sewing. Every task involved in sewing projects favours right-handed people, so to mark International Left Handers Day on Friday 13th let’s consider our lefty sewists. Looking Back in Time Back in the 1600s, left-handed people were suspected of witchcraft and […]

How to customise the perfect zipper

sewing a zip

Whether you call them zips, zippers, or even fermeture éclairs, sewing a zip requires patience, concentration, and…. a zip of the right length! If you have ever experienced the frustration of not being able to continue with a sewing project because your zip is the wrong length, this post is for you. Learn how to […]

Sewing machine project: Fun Fashion

wrap skirt

The reversible wrap skirt is a must-have item in your wardrobe because of its versatility, comfort, and stylish flair. Because of the lack of structure and fastening, this skirt is suitable to wear year-round and is flattering to every figure. If you are a fashionista looking for a fun, new sewing machine project to revitalise […]

Essential Troubleshooting Tips for Your Sewing Machine

Sewing Equipment

Have you been having problems with your sewing machine recently? Worry no more! We have compiled the following tips on how to troubleshoot your machine: Tips on How to Troubleshoot If you have a sewing machine project and you recently had some problems, then the following will help you: Thread that Bunches under the Fabric […]

How to Hem Knit Garments

A professional finish to any sewing machine project requires a good hem. It stops the knit fabric from rolling up, can add a pop of colour if a contrasting thread is used and gives the garment a defined outline. A useful sewing machine that can be utilised for a variety of functions (such as hemming […]

Sewing Machine Projects: How to Sew a Cape for Your Little Superheroes

How to sew

Every Superhero needs a cape. Gone are the days of tying a towel around your little one’s neck, this sewing machine project tutorial will teach you how to sew your child their very own superhero cape, so they can fight the bad guys in style! Supplies: 2 meters of fabric Thread Velcro Measuring Tape Iron […]

Say “I Love You” With This Valentine’s Day Sewing Machine Project!

Sewing machine

With the ‘Day of Love’ just around the corner, a thoughtful, heartfelt sewing project is one of the most intimate ways you can give a gift of love. Valentine’s Day Crafts are fun and easy to make. With a sewing machine project, you can make all your loved one’s homemade gifts and decorate your home […]

Decorate your home with these festive sewing projects

If you love decorating your home for Christmas celebrations, then these easy festive sewing projects from Empisal, manufacturers of the EMPISAL EES50 are just for you! Christmas bunting: Easy to make, hang up and re-use every year, bunting adds warmth and colour to any area of your home. Hang it above an entrance, over your […]

Common sewing machine problems and how to fix them

Sewing machine

Sewing machines, like any equipment, can run into problems on occasion. Here are some of the most common sewing machine issues and how to solve them, from Empisal – the makers of the EMPISAL EES 50 SEWING MACHINE Thread bunching: Also known as ‘bird nesting’ because of its resemblance to a messy bird nest, this […]