Making your own stuff can be both fun and satisfying. It’s a great way to exercise your creative muscle, save money and get exactly what you want.

Whether you’ve been at the sewing game for years, or whether you have just purchased your first sewing machine, there is always room to improve your sewing skills. The hacks below will not only make sewing a whole lot easier, but they will also improve your skills in a short period.

  • Toe Separators For Bobbins

Do you have a hard time keeping your bobbins from tangling up? Use a toe separator to secure the bobbins and keep them organized. It will save you from having to dig to the bottom of your sewing stash to get the right bobbin for your project.

  • Use A Mug For Larger Spools Of Thread

Buying large spools of thread saves both time and money. However, they may be too big for your sewing machine. If this is the case, place the spool of thread in a mug and set it next to your sewing machine for easier handling.

  • Shine More Light

Many modern sewing machines come with lights. You can get a high-quality and affordable sewing machine from the team at Empisal. However, if your sewing machine doesn’t have a light or a lamp that provides adequate lighting, tape a reading light to the machine. Reading lights are easy to adjust and will provide adequate lighting for sewing.

  • Two Pencils For One Seam Allowance

You can easily create a seam allowance on your sewing patterns by holding two pencils together with a rubber band and using them to trace the edge of your pattern. Use three pencils if you want a wider seam allowance.

  • Sandpaper For Sharper Scissors

A sharp pair of scissors is a vital piece of sewing equipment. If your scissors are getting dull, cut a piece of tin foil or sandpaper using them. They will sharpen up right away.

Ensure you have all the right sewing equipment to make your sewing projects easier. For more information, contact us today.