When learning how to sew for seniors, it is worthwhile to focus on learning how to create adaptive clothing so that the wearer can obtain the maximum level of comfort and make the most of their wardrobe. Here are some helpful tips on how to sew adaptive clothing for seniors, courtesy of the sewing experts at Empisal.

Choose The Right Materials 

Adaptive clothing should be soft, pliable and easy to put on and take off. Soft denim is a great choice, as is cotton and other soft fabrics.

Place Zippers Strategically 

Especially when sewing pants for disabled seniors, it is important to consider zip placement. Instead of simply placing a traditional zipper in the front or opting for buttons, why not consider sewing a zipper that provides a frontal opening from the entire waist to both knees for easy changing.

Get Creative

Not only should adaptive clothing be comfortable, but it should also be convenient to wear. Get creative in order to achieve this goal. For instance, place magnetic closures on shirts, as opposed to buttons. Velcro closures for trousers can also make a massive difference when it comes to ease of wear.

Use A Quality Sewing Machine 

Sewing adaptive clothing is not always easy, so you will want to streamline the process as much as possible to avoid making the job more challenging than it needs to be. A quality sewing machine can help with this and may work in your favour to attend sewing classes if you are feeling a bit lost.

Here at Empisal, we can provide you with affordable sewing machine models, overlockers and sewing equipment ideal for making your own adaptive clothing for a loved one. For more information about our range, please do not hesitate to get in touch.