Sewing can be tricky! Whether you are an old hand or a greenhorn to the sewing trade, there are always tips and tricks that you can employ to make your project come along a little bit easier and neater. While having a top of the range sewing machine does help, there are certain techniques that you can employ with even an affordable sewing machine. All you need is sewing equipment, a can-do attitude and this list of the top sewing tips:

  1. Use A Stay When Sewing on A Zipper
    A stay is a separate piece of fabric that will stabilize the area when the zipper is sewn. Stabilisation is necessary when sewing in general, but the added weight of the zipper makes it harder to keep in place. A stay ensures that your zipper will fit snug and lined up.
  2. “Fingertip Sewing”
    When sewing, you should never push or pull the fabric. This will result in unevenly spaced stitches and crumpled or wrinkled material. To avoid this, you should use “Fingertip sewing”. This method employs holding the fabric lightly in your fingertips while guiding it to the left or the right.
  3. Interfacing Is Important
    Interfacing is what gives a fabric its rigidity, strength and firmness. Without interfacing, the fabric would just flop around. You can use fusible interfacing on just about any fabric. Place the glue side of the interfacing on the wrong side of your fabric and then use a hot iron to press in place.
  4. Clip and Trim
    Clipping and trimming seam allowances as you go along (especially around curved pieces) allows you to see and work on the following pieces to be sewn.
  5. Finish the Fabric Edges.

Without a finishing, fabric edges are prone to fraying. Even if the garment looks acceptable without a finishing, you will find that after being washed and dried a few times the edges will start to fray, cheapening the look of the garment.


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