If you love sewing, chances are that you have collections of scraps in your craft room, from material offcuts and samples to lengths of ribbon. In this article, we’re taking a look at some great ways to use up spare ribbon in some pretty and creative sewing ideas and projects.

Firstly, it is important to know what type of ribbon you’re dealing with before you pick a project. Popular ribbon types include grosgrain, satin, silk, embroidered, velvet, petersham and printed ribbons – and each type of ribbon has its own properties.

  • Wide satin ribbon: This has the structure and strength to be a great addition to an outfit in the form of a sash. Placed just below the bust line at the narrowest part of the waist, this feature is slimming and adds interest with a vintage feel.
  • Grosgrain ribbon: Add interest and strength to a button down shirt by sewing a length of ribbon along where the buttons will sit. This adds support for the buttons that helps keep them fixed and stable while making a pretty piping effect.
  • Narrow ribbon: Ideal for corsets and lingerie, ribbon adds interest, colour and romance to any design.
  • Bridal projects: A touch of ribbon in a bridal outfit is as pretty as it is practical. Wrapping a hair comb in ribbon will hide the plastic and help it fit in with the colour scheme, whether it is used to fit a veil or as part of a hairstyle. Ribbon is great for edging the veil itself as well as wrapping the ends of bouquets and adding a finishing touch to wedding favours.

Some tips for sewing with ribbon

  • If you are sewing the ribbon onto a fabric, be sure to prewash the material first or else any shrinkage will cause the ribbon to bunch up.
  • Iron polyester ribbon at a low temperature as they are more likely to scorch. It’s best to use a pressing cloth and iron the wrong side of the ribbon as an extra precaution.
  • A sharp, fine machine needle is essential when you’re sewing with ribbon to prevent snags and visible holes.

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