There is a great list of quilt types that combines both traditional and modern types of quilts. These may be of importance to you if you are new to quilting or curious about this exciting hobby. Empisal has a guide to the different types of quilts that can be used with any affordable sewing machine.


  • Amish Quilts 

Amish-style quilts are quilts that involve traditional colours, blocks and patterns. It also contains beautiful nature themes, such as leaves and flowers that are tied into the quilt patterns.


  • Appliqué Quilts 

Appliqué quilts have symmetric shapes, usually formed inward out. For these quilts, floral and tropical images are created using applique techniques and styles. It can be achieved easily by outlining the appliqué, sticking it to the fabric and then using your iron equipment or a steam press on it. You can use a zig zag stitch for this.


  • Baby Quilts 

This is ideal for baby’s first own quilt or blanket. Baby quilts can be used during their early years or gifted during baby showers. They are usually simple patterns that can be kept as a memento as the baby gets older. Natural fibres are used and 100% cotton material for the baby’s quilt. The use of bright colours and durable fabric are encouraged, as the quilt is likely to be dragged around.


  • Christmas Quilts 

What better way to celebrate the season of joy than with a Christmas quilt that offers warmth and festivity. These Christmas quilts are usually red, green and white, and they not only look fantastic but give a very welcoming and homely appeal. These are created by using a plain white background and adding festive colours to it.


  • Patchwork Quilts 

Patchwork quilts are historical quilts that were introduced to America by immigrants. The pieces of patchwork on quilts can be cut in many different shapes and sizes and are then sewn together to make a pattern or to create blocks of patterns. These quilts are a great way to get rid of scraps of materials that are left over from other materials of fabric and sewing projects.



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