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7 must-have items for when you learn how to sew

sewing machine project

Like any craft, sewing requires that you have a few basic foundational items when you first start out. This can, of course, be expanded on to accommodate new techniques and tools, but your everyday items are often still the most important. Here are some essentials, recommended by Empisal, makers of the EMPISAL CREATIONS SEWING MACHINE […]

Common sewing machine problems and how to fix them

Sewing machine

Sewing machines, like any equipment, can run into problems on occasion. Here are some of the most common sewing machine issues and how to solve them, from Empisal – the makers of the EMPISAL EES 50 SEWING MACHINE Thread bunching: Also known as ‘bird nesting’ because of its resemblance to a messy bird nest, this […]