Hands up if you have been roaring through a project only to have your sewing machine needle snap? Oh, the fury! The frustration! And, admit it, often the guilt. Guilt that you sewed over a pin or ignored that the needle was blunt. Perhaps you were not using the correct sewing machine needle for the job at hand.

Types of Sewing Machine Needles 

Set yourself up for sewing success by choosing the appropriate sewing machine needle for your task:

Universal needles live up to their name as they come in various sizes and can be used for lightweight, medium, and heavyweight fabrics, woven and synthetic fabrics, and some knit fabrics.

Ballpoint needles push apart the fabric fibres with their more rounded tip – preventing running and laddering. Best for fleece and most knit fabrics – rib knits, cotton knits, and double knits.

Stretch needles are specially designed for a professional finish when working with…. well, stretchy fabrics! Use them when sewing Lycra, two-way stretch knits, silk jersey, spandex, and elastic itself.

Jeans needles obviously suit denim, but also canvas, heavy twill or linen, and other densely woven fabrics.

Leather needles have a chisel point which is designed to cut as it penetrates. Only use them to sew genuine leather and suede, not PU imitations.

Topstitch needles make topstitching, Sashiko and Kantha, and blanket stitching easy with their ultra-sharp point and large eye.

Twin needles create parallel stitches that are often used to create a neat hem for knit and jersey fabrics. Twin and triple needles are not compatible with all sewing machines.

Less common types of sewing machine needles include:

Quilting and sharps needles for quilters.

Embroidery needles for machine embroidery using rayon, polyester, or cotton thread.

Metafil needles for metallic threads and thicker embroidery threads.

Wing needles create heirloom stitches with built-in decorative stitches.

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