Sewing is an art, and as the artists say, you are only as good as your tools. You are going to need some sewing gadgets to help you if you are hoping to create a masterpiece. Whether you are a novice at sewing or a pro looking to simplify your craft, we have got a few must-have gadgets for you to make your sewing tasks easier.

Bias tape maker 

If you ever make bias tape, whether it is often or not, the bias tape maker will save you plenty of time. All you do is feed your strip of fabric through the bigger end of the bias tape maker, and it will come out of the other end neatly folded and ready for you to press it with your iron.

Knee lifter 

A knee lifter is a small lever attached to the front of your sewing machine which you can operate with your knee in order to raise and lower the presser foot. It’s a handy gadget that frees up your hands and allows you to completely focus on the fabric.

Magnetic steam guide 

Maintaining a straight seam is tricky, especially if you are new to sewing. A magnetic seam guide makes getting that elusive perfectly straight seam a breeze, every time.

While some of these sewing tools are essential, others are just fun, optional materials you can acquire at a later stage. You do not need to have all the tools, just a few right ones.

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